Remke cord grips with bushings improve reliability -

Cord Grips with Bushings

“Remke bushing options helped a lot!”

Remke cord grips with bushings improve reliability - Messer Cutting makes multiple types of cutting machines from water jet to lasers that are shipped to customers all over the world. This photo shows Messer using the Remke RSR-200 series cord grip with different bushings for different cable ranges. According to Brad, their sales rep, “Messer was using Hubbell and T&B products but our bushing options really help them a lot.

An Easier Solution

“Now all they do is buy a bunch of the 200 series and put specific orders in for the bushings. This is just an easier way for them to purchase and use the cord grips.”

Brad says that Messer likes the simplicity of the cord grip and how well it’s made. “The cord grips allow the communication cables to leave the enclosure in an organized fashion. The cord grips are doing incredibly well – none have broken and Messer said they haven’t stripped any of the threads either – unlike some of the other products they used to buy.”

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