Remke dome caps for harsh environments.

Infographic: Dome Cap Cable Glands for Harsh Environments

Remke’s Dome Cap Cable Glands provide strain relief and protection from the environment! 

This infographic gives you and your customers a quick run-down of which Dome Cap Cable Gland materials and options are most common for better reliability in wet environments and mechanical applications where bending and flexing are an issue.

Dome Cap Cable Glands for Harsh Environments, an Infographic by Remke -

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Cable Glands for Wet Environments

Choose Dome Cap Cable Glands made of non-metallic Nylon, or nickel-plated brass, for protection in damp, wet or even submersed applications. Remke’s cable glands are rated IP 68 for the best protection.

Cable Glands for Mechanical Applications

To protect connections that are continually bending or flexing, Dome Cap Cable Glands from Remke provide superior strain relief and prevent premature wear and tear from long-term exposure to movement on robots and automated machinery.