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Innovations in Solar Energy Management

Solar Energy Innovations - GO.Remke.comRenewable energy is shaping how companies operate their energy management systems and a push towards clean power generation and sustainability has led to the development of some interesting innovations, especially when it comes to solar energy.

Once known as an alternative, the renewable energy technologies of today are at the forefront of many energy management programs. And while solar power is nothing new, the way solar energy is being harnessed and potentially used in this day and age is nothing short of incredible.

Solar Skin

This year has seen the development of solar skin, an aesthetic enhancement that allows solar panels to have a customized look. Pioneered by Sistine Solar, this innovation comes in response to many homeowners’ requests for a more visually attractive solar panel.


Solar Paneled Roads

Just last summer PV technology allowed for the testing of solar powered roads using the sidewalks along Route 66 as the testing location. This solar powered pavement tech has the ability to generate clean energy and also include LED bulbs that light the road at night and have the thermal heating capacity to melt the snow during winter!

Super Solar Windows

These are regular-looking windows that could generate 50 times more electricity that today’s PV panels. Solar Window Technologies says its windows on a 50-story skyscraper could generate enough to power 130 homes annually.

Solar Batteries

Gaining attention and notoriety in U.S. markets, off-grid solar and solar plus storage, such as the industry-leading Tesla Powerwall is seriously changing the energy storage game. The Powerwall, a rechargeable lithium ion battery product, is certainly the most popular solar battery, offering a version for residential use and commercial use.

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