Remke introduces the new BRM cable entry plates.

Remke Cable Entry Plates are the ideal solution when you need to manage multiple cables in a small space.Remke’s New Cable Entry Plates System

Remke now offers Cable Entry Plates in both 12 hole and 23 hole configurations.  Have customers that need to accommodate a large number of different use cables, wires and/or pneumatic hoses into one compact area?  Remke’s latest cable entry system addition allows electricians, panel builders and engineers to efficiently make use of limited space by employing either their BRM12 or BRM23 cable entry system.

At the heart of the system is the multiple layer system that holds cables and wiring securely using an Ultra flexible Butyl IIR Rubber membrane that ensures IP65 ingress protection for a large range of cable diameters.  The BRM12 can accommodate cables/wires from 5mm to 13 mm/ 0.197 in to 0.512 in.  The BRM23 accomodates cables/wires from 4.0 mm to 8.5 mm; 0.157 in to 0.335 in.  All Remke cable pass through solutions are intended for non-connectorized cables and wires.  These units are UL listed, provide ingress protection that meets IP65 standards, Type 12, Type 13 and Type 4X, which translates into resisting dust, dirt and moisture very effectively, even after repeated washdowns.

With a small footprint and click-in placement, you;ll be able to show your end user customers and distributors alike that the BRM series can stand up to abuse and save money at the same time.  For a more complete rundown of the cable entry plates features, click here.