Remke University

Remke University is Now Open!

Remke University is an on-demand always-on training resource that is open and available to all Remke Industries representatives and Remke distributors looking for additional product and services training.

Remke University Home PageRemke University is Available on BlueVolt Distributor Learning Platforms

Remke U was developed using the BlueVolt platform employing Scorm files.  This means that if you are an electrical distributor and have your own BlueVolt based learning management system (LMS) you can easily request that Remke’s courses be added to your learning platform.  This makes it convenient for large distributors to be able to train their counter staff and sales staff easily and at scale.

Too often manufacturers rely on their communications to reps such as product tear sheets, emails, online links and their catalog to take the place of real product and brand training.  For many years, Remke operated this way.  Today, Remke is embarking on a brave new initiative and we hope you will take full advantage of.  All you need to do to take courses at Remke University is simply ask your Training Coordinator or Sales Training leader to request Remke University content be placed in your queue.

No BlueVolt Platform?  No Problem.

If you do not have a BlueVolt platform, no need to worry.  The native SCORM files can work in just about any Learning Management System (LMS).  If your company runs its own LMS all you need to do is ask your administrator to get in touch with us here, and we will be more than happy to have the files forwarded to your LMS platform so you can take the Remke U courses.

The First Three Remke Training Courses Are Available Now

When we set out to design Remke University, we wanted to ensure that we made the content accessible to all of Remke’s partners who had a need to bone up on the products and services Remke offers.  The initial round of content was designed to give a broad overview of the brand as well as the two major product groups Remke manufactures.

The following are the initial courses that you can enroll in at Remke University:

Remke University Intro to Remke CourseIntro to Remke Industries – this is an overview and brief history of Remke Industries.  Founded in 1963 by John Remke, the business has grown from making crimped conduit connectors into a multi-million dollar enterprise.  This learning module reviews the unique reasons why customers consistently rate Remke one of their favored vendors.


Remke University - Cord Grips 101 CourseCord Grips 101 – This introductory course helps explain what a cord grip is and it’s various uses.  Additionally, the course explains how Remke’s attention to detail, its US manufacturing facilities and relentless pursuit of quality set its products apart from the competition.


Remke University - Molded Connectors 101 CourseMolded Connectors 101 –  Molded connectors is a business that is growing by leaps and bounds.  Remke is a leader in this space particularly in the realm of customized connector and cabling solutions.  This module focuses on the benefits of working with a company that focuses on what we CAN do, where others simply say they CAN’T or worse, WON’T.

Remke University Was Designed With Rep Agencies in Mind

Are you a manufacturer’s Rep that carries Remke products on your line card?  Then Remke U has what you need to learn more about the products and services that Remke provides.  It is also a terrific learning tool for you to use with your distributor partners to help them understand the lineup of electrical connector solutions that Remke manufactures.  In addition, Remke University can be highlighted during lunch and learn’s where you can train a roomful of counter persons and inside salespeople in one shot.  It is a really useful tool that will come in handy for increasing your sales potential. At the end of the day, Remke U is for you to use to increase your sales by having better informed and educated front line personnel that translates into higher sales for your organization.

Ready To Get Started?

All you have to do is click the button below, or simply navigate to and sign up (the button is in the top RH corner of the site).  Simply follow the on-screen instructions and you will be learning the ins and outs of Remke’s product line in no time.

Click here to get registered at Remke University.



If you have any questions or have problems signing up, feel free to drop us a line here and we will make sure we get you what you need.