Remke RJ45 Ethernet Connectors, Couplers and Cables.Remke Industries Inc.

RJ45 Ethernet Connectors for CAT6A/CAT5 for T568A & T568B Applications

Remke’s Ethernet Connectors are field wireable, have a die-cast zinc housing and offer a number of configurations to fit into any system.

Are your customers complaining about cheap RJ45 Ethernet connectors?  It’s more common than you think.  Cheap plastic versions have releases that snap off and leave your connection insecure and spotty at best.  Non-field wireable versions limit the adaptability of the system to add additional elements quickly and increases cost because CAT6A and CAT5 cable has to be redone every time you need to reconnect a piece of equipment.  And don’t get us started on cheap hardware’s lack of selection.

As a distributor you want great products and even better margins.  With Remke’s lineup of RJ45 ethernet connectors you can get both.  Check out our entire line of connectors, couplers and cables here.