Remke RSR Connectors for a Control Panel Application -

RSR Cord Grips for Varying Cable Sizes

“Remke is one of the components we have stayed with all these years”

Remke RSR Connectors for a Control Panel Application - GO.Remke.comMesser Cutting Systems uses “basically every bushing size” of the Remke RSR/Aluminum Cord Grips series because they have many different sized cables going into a control cabinet. Messer is a WI-based manufacturer of cutting machines and each machine has multiple control cabinets.

A Simple Solution

According to Messer’s electrical engineer, Patrick Curran, these cabinets “are located in a recessed area of the machine so they are hidden from sight making the machine look nicer – but this also makes it difficult to get our hands to where the cord grips are. The Remke cord grips are great in this area because they are simple to use – you only have to feed the cable through the cord grip and twist the cord grip tight to seal the area around the cable. That is very easy to do in such a tight space so we use them everywhere possible.”

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