TED Talk: Move Manufacturing Off Planet, by James Orsulak - GO Remke

TED Talk: Move Manufacturing Off-Planet

An Insightful, Informative TED Talk About the Future of Manufacturing

In this TED talk, “Why We Need To Move Manufacturing Off-Planet” by James Orsulak, he talks about how, because all of our manufacturing currently takes place on Earth, all its harmful byproducts and wasteful processes end up destroying the planet.

Taking a slightly controversial position, Orsulak argues that the fix is to move manufacturing operations off-planet, using automated labor to mine resources and perform all those ecosystem-destabilizing processes in the void of space.

“If we do this, we reverse the human supply chain,” he says. “Imagine if you walked outside one day and there were no factories, power plants, refineries or oil rigs. We’ve now zoned the earth for residential access only.”