Remke Operations Team, Jan 2019 -

The Operations Team

Making Connectors Happen for You

Remke Operations Team, Jan 2019 - GO.Remke.comThe Remke Operations Team is responsible for making sure the right product gets in your hands at the right time! We manufacture, purchase and ship connectors to meet customer’s requirements.

They include people who oversee Product Engineering, Quality, Purchasing and Planning (Supply Chain), Production, Warehousing and Shipping and Receiving. Needless to say, we’re a busy team!!

There When You Need Us

We also provide engineering support to ensure the customer receives the correct product for their specific application. In addition, we monitor and maintain inventory levels to ensure that lead times are minimized and delivery is fast.

Operations Team
Front row from L to R: Bryan Hacker, Ernie Cervantes, Jim Alton, Julie Savastio, Anthony Misceo
Back row from L to R: James McIntyre, Wes Houtz, Rick Joslin

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