How Fireworks Work

How do Fireworks Work?

How Fireworks WorkDissecting the Science Behind the Highlight of Summer – Fireworks!

Most everyone loves a good fireworks display. The flashes and bangs lighting up the sky in celebration have been happening since the 9th century. But how do they work?

In the simplest of terms, a firework is a container that holds several little balls of colored explosives attached to a delayed fuse. The delay fuse ensures the fireworks reach high in the sky before they go off. Once the delay fuse ignites the charge, it spreads out little colored balls through a high pressured gas cloud and… BOOM!

Ignition, timing, and location are important for a great fireworks display. From the crazy-intricate to the still-mesmerizing simplistic displays, fireworks continue to bring friends and families together every summer to OHHH and AHHH at the explosives in the sky.